Easy Maintenance and Care of Ponds with Help of Pond Vacuums

Presence of natural or manmade ponds decorated with colorful lotus and swimming ducks has ability to attract any of the people moving nearby. Presence of these ponds in one’s garden or park adds several stars to beauty of the place. Apart from several rivers, water parks and swimming pools, pond is a kind of water body which has its own importance. Still water of pond contains large ecosystem to survive in it containing fishes, frogs, algae, plants etc.


One of hectic involved in keeping pond is necessity of its regular maintenance for it. Pond s being still water body get dirty easily when remain unclean by human being and there is need to make extra efforts for this. Ponds can look best when regular efforts are made by pond keeper for cleaning it regularly. Few details regarding cleaning process of ponds is being given below-

Kinds of Waste Materials Found In Ponds

Mucks, excretion of water animals especially fishes, sludge, dead leaves, dead algae, broken plants pieces, soil coming from surrounding area, all these things have great role in making ponds to get dirty. Few of these forms major waste which can be seen by human eyes and also involves less hectic for its removal being sufficiently large in size.

While other kinds of waste can be silt which is also known as organic clay which is invisible with naked human eyes and are quite fine in size.  It is composed of dead form of algae. Their size can be imagined with the fact that algae have size of approx 25 microns while living and after being dead their size even get decreased. Removal of such waste is essential and tricky enough. Person uses special tool and technique for removing these kinds of waste efficiently.

In What Ways These Wastes Can Be Harmful For Ponds?

Mucks and wastes found in these ponds affect life of ecosystem in great way by releasing few harmful gases and reducing level of oxygen in ponds below survival needs of living creatures sustaining in it. Generally mucks use oxygen and harbor bacteria for their own process. Fishes, frogs and other creatures found in ponds needs good oxygen presence in ponds and thus it is essential to remove such wastes from time to time.

Availability of Pond Vacuums for Waste Removal

Waste removal in ponds is easy now with help of pond vacuum in market which can solve each drawback seen in older means of cleaning ponds. Earlier use of net was incapable of removing all waste settled at bottom level of ponds and leaving silt still to remain in ponds. With availability of advanced pond vacuums, one can easily remove all kinds of waste irrespective of their size without disturbing current ecosystem of ponds.