Effects of winstrol

Winstrol is wonder drug that releases its enigmatic effects on the body. It is used in the treatment of various diseases as well as disorders which are concerned with the severe weight loss in the body or muscle tissues damage in the body. It is very effective drug in the treatment of the bone weight loss too. It is widely used by the athletes where they want to have good physique. It will help the bodybuilders to retain the muscle lean weight and to cut the fats in the body tissues. There uses are very sought in the medical as well as in athletic fields. However every drug has its own side effects.


When we take any drug then it will go to every part of the body through the blood stream where it is needed or where it is not needed. To the sites where we do not need the chemical these leave the effects to the tissues as well as to the organs which is called as the side effects of the medicine of any chemical taken to cure any kind of the problem. There are serious side effects of the winstrol. It is derivative of testosterone hormone so it causes in erection of the penis again and again in very frequent way. When it is taken by the woman it causes serious problems which are concerned with the primary sexual characteristics in the female, like hoarseness in the voice.

Acne in the face as well as change the trend of the menstrual cycle is also a serious problem which arises due to the side effects of the winstrol. Woman has to cope with the manly characters as grow facial hair on the face. It is used s the anabolic drug thus it possesses more side effects. It should be taken as under the guidance of health expert or doctor who will guide about the quantity or doses otherwise there may arise serious adverse reaction in the body of the person. It should not take by the pregnant female as it tends to harm the foetus in the abdomen. It should not be taken by the feeding mother as it can go through the child through milk. It has adverse effects against liver or kidney damage.

It can causes cholestatic jaundice which results in the necrosis of liver and later on death of the person. It can cause the phallic enlargement which results in the frequent erection of the penis. In woman it can cause the menstrual changes as well as clitoris enlargement. It later on causes the libido in both man as well as woman which can be increased or decreased. Profuse bleeding is also a side effect of the winstrol. Other side effects are Nausea and vomiting. Temporary as well as permanent baldness is also caused due to winstrol in the person. Retention of sodium chloride is thus damaging kidney.

Thus this drug has numerous side effects. While going for using this drug for the muscle retention you must tell your health expert about your medical history as with the combination of other drugs it can produces adverse effects to the persons. Thus it is advice to take this drug under the prescription of the medical supervisor which assists you the way to take the medicine. Some players and athletes take the winstrol very frequently because they want to have muscular body.

It is very effective anabolic drug thus it is used to reduce the fats from the body and increase the muscle strength by increasing the muscular weight. Winstrol is derivative of hormone it is used to cure damaged muscles tissues rapidly. In case of severe burn it is used to repair the muscles and these are regarded as to add the nitrogenous element in the protein compound. But due to its side effects, it is rarely prescribed by the health experts but the people who are looking their career in the athletic fields used take them frequently in spite of knowing the side effects of the drug. Thus it is very troublesome to take the drug without the prescription of the doctor.