Enjoy the four legged copters in action

Want to see a copter running in the land with four legs? Then you should go for race course to watch those horses running in the track. Horses are one of the holy creatures gifted to this world by the nature. That why the relation between the horses and the humans started a long back and till now it exists without any single corruption. Yes for a longer period of the world history they are used in wars and at least a billion of horses would have died due to these wars all over the world. But there is no sense to worry for the past and its ideologies and practices. Even on that time we also used the horses for the purpose of racing and it remained as an entertainment for higher officials like the kings and landlords.


Place of racing today

With many other form of gambling’s growth such as casino or sports betting. Horse racing is considered as if there is not worth of watching even. But many little groups are still interested in conducting and participating in racing. The common audience for the horse is one of the added advantages to this legal gambling compared to other forms o gambling Even the countries that have prohibited many form of gambling have legalized horse races as they are sometimes considered as an adventurous sport.  Just think of the jockey on the furious horse with his life titling in the air.

Australia: land of horse race

In Australia horses are the most loved next to the kangaroos as there is a great popularity for the horse racing. This graze explains the many number of races taking place in Australia and for this specific reason Australia may be called as the land of races even though many other countries such as United States of America and Britain, Ireland, Singapore are conducting some of the international races.

The two racing events very popular among the Australians is the Melbourne race and the Cox plate. These two events provide a huge sum of money as prize for the winners along with the fame of winning these titles. Of these two cups Cox plate is considered as a unique racing event as it allows only thoroughbred horses and it works on the condition of weight for age. Betting in this race is as popular as the Melbourne race even though the prize amount of the Melbourne is slightly higher than the Cox plate race.

 Tips and tricks

I would like to share certain tips that would help you understand the racing in a different view. Apart from these points you can also refer online where many websites provide you with similar Cox Plate Tips that could make you a better betting personality.

  • Study the early winners of race and compare them with the present competitors. This may help you to identify your horse easily.
  • Study the field and study the guide of the racing event.
  • Start at a slow rate initially.