Great Methods To Quit Smoking Completely

It is not an easy thing to quit smoking. A very developed habit has to be broken. There are a number of withdrawal symptoms that need to be dealt with. These symptoms are usually felt when the body craves some nicotine. However, the gains from giving up such a habit goes beyond simple considerations of health and fitness. It becomes possible to save a lot of money and feel better. There is no need to feel like a social outcast anymore. However, there is no easy way of quitting the habit. It takes a lot of will power. There are a number of things that one can try including e liquid in order to make the process easier.

Listing Out The Reasons

The very first step to quit smoking is motivation. Hence, one needs to stay focused all the time. Listing out all the reasons why one wishes to quit smoking can be a very useful step in this regard, especially when one switches from cigarettes to e liquid. This list can come in handy when the urges for smoking come. The list may include reasons such as health, money, kids and family among others.

Planning The Campaign

No great plan was ever successful without proper planning. Similarly, planning is essential for quitting smoking habits. The planning begins with listing a date on the diary when one stops smoking for good. It is necessary to work out in advance about the different methods that one plans to use to beat the urges and so on. It is better to decide on whether one will use any nicotine patches, gums and so on. There should always be a backup plan to follow when one gets urges to smoke.


Have A Five Minute Strategy

On general situations the craving for a cigarette can last only up to five minutes when an individual is trying to quit. This craving goes away after five minutes. So it is important to resist these five minute cravings. It is necessary to work out a method of distracting oneself during this time. It could be walking, phoning somebody pr even eating something. It should keep the individual busy during the moments of craving. Once the mind is completely occupied, it is the best way to lessen any type of craving. It is also essential to tell some people around about the plan so that motivational support can be provided.