Is filing car crash incident’s police report really important?

When it comes to accidents, court cases, and claiming auto insurance, police report is the most important document. This report certifies the accident, and also points out the reasons behind the concerned incident.


Filing police report is important even if your vehicle is not damaged

Unfortunately, several people do not report minor car accidents to police just because the damage caused to their vehicle was less.  But later, they approach their insurance company to claim personal injury related bills. In-such cases, insurance company rejects policy holder’s claim as they do not have police report.

Remember, reporting minor accidents, and filing police report is very important. No matter if your car was damaged much or not, no matter if you were seriously injured or not.

Police report should be filed even if the other vehicle’s owner is willing to pay damage related compensation from his/her pocket.

Accurate police report can expedite legal procedures

Police report plays important part in processing various insurance claims and also in fighting accident related court cases.

Remember, no matter what you do, you won’t be able to get away after providing incorrect information in the police report. So, it is advisable to be true, and honest while reporting the accident incident to the police. Even if you are at fault, your insurance company can manage all the trouble and expenses if they get accurate police report about the incident. Don’t worry about anything, just tell the truth, and get a police report to expedite other procedures.

Don’t avoid filing police report even if you have recovered compensation for damages

Some car owners do not prefer to pass the buck on insurance companies for every small incident. They even show willingness to pay for the other car’s damages from their pocket. Such people often prefer to not to file police report about the accident. This may prove to be problematic, especially if the other vehicle’s owner decides to approach the court for better compensation after few days.

So, to be on safer side, call the cops and tell them about the accident. You can also tell them that you have reached settlement with owners of other vehicles involved in the accident.

Call the cops at the accident spot, report the details and note down the concerned officer’s contact details along with your police report number.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances it might happen that you may not be able to contact cops immediately from the accident spot. In such case, it is advisable to note down details about vehicles involved in the accident. Note down details about the accident spot along with landmark information. Take photographs that show damages caused to your vehicle before you move from the spot. Share all this information with police as soon as you find the opportunity to contact them.

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