Right Place And Choice To Plan For Vacation

Thailand is famous for its religious and culture, in fact it has a unique culture. Nearly 95% of people in Thai are following Theravada Buddhist religion rest 5% are Christians or Muslims, even now people their follow their ancestral rituals and rules. Traditional cloth is referred as Chut Thai; people have traditional dining style even now they following joint family system. Many mention Thailand is land of smile, some says this name came for it due to friendly people who lives there.

Beautiful Temple And Festivals

The place is a marvelous kingdom with beautiful temples, spectacular islands and exciting wildlife. One of the best destination which suits for all, one of the most and important spot is Buddhist temple it has quite historical landscapes, the temple is called Ko Pha-Ngans, only with decent clothes monks allow visitors to enter. Top festivals in Thailand are given below

Phi ta Khon-this festival also referred as a ghost festival because the religious belief on ghost spirits reflects during this festival, one of the traditional festivals celebrated in Dan Sai district, this festival takes place in the month of June and July one of the colorful festival celebrated by Thai people. During this day men dress up like ghost or wear a colorful ghost costume and dance in the streets.

Rice paddy, Mie prefecture, Japan

Lotus Flower receiving festival-they also say it as Rub Bua festival , from generations to generations this festival is taken part , one of the oldest festival which they celebrating from many decades. People stand two sides of street and throw lotus flower in order to thank the rain. It takes place in bang Phil. Every year October they celebrate this festival.

Ubon Ratchatani candle festival- this festival is perfect for those who love arts, artist of the country make wax sculptures models more than seventy artist takes part in this creation. This festival also takes place in the month of august only. Once the wax sculptures are ready they paraded through all lanes. If we visit http://thaholiday.com/top-5-festivals-in-thailand/ site, can see all festival details and pictures which were taken during the time of celebration.

Monkey Buffet- this conducted every year in Lopburi, during the day everyone offers food to the street monkeys. As per the London newspaper this festival is considered as the strangest festivals.

Songkran-this festival is quite popular among all other festivals, streets are filled with water and people fight with water guns during this day. Water is used mainly here because water stand for cleansing. Thai people welcome New Year by celebrating this festival.